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Armature Design

Here is a design for a brass armature which can be used for stop motion animation. Please find a DXF drawing file in the link on the left if you want a full size copy.  You can obtain free DXF viewers on the net if you haven't got CAD software.


The armature is made from standard hobby shop brass stock and nuts and bolts. It avoids the problem of drilling steel ball bearings by using "ball ends" which can be obtained from model radio control shops. They are sold for model helecopters etc. Silver solder the nuts in place where possible to avoid them coming undone in service.  Dont worry about drilling too accurately, the armature works well and can be retightened using the screws.

Here is a punk character before clothing. The hands are made from flexible sculpey "super elasticlay" with pipe cleaner wire x 2 in each finger. The wire is glued into the brass stock with araldite. The head and boots are made from oven bake sculpey. The feet are drilled and tapped M3 to enable the puppet to be firmly screwed down to the base board should this be required. The eyes are cheap plastic beads held in with a little blue tack in the sockets. The armature is covered in foam which is stitched at the edges. The model is the painted with acrylic paints. I used a lilttle copydex glue mixed in with red paint for the hands to stop the paint cracking in service.