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The Helium Frog Animator

Free Stop Motion Animation Software
Stop Motion Armature

Free Stop Motion Armature Plans
Recumbent Bike

45mph + Lying Down!
Free Plans to download
C# Game Design

2D shooter with real Physics!

T2 Camper

Information about the
Early Bay Camper
Baja Bug

Information about the
VW Baja Bug
Brubaker Box

Information about the
Brubaker Box

Dub Club

More VW based stuff

Radio Control Projects

  Planes Trains and Automobiles
HF05 "Prusa" Robot

An Improved Prusa Robot Design

HF06 SCARA Robot

An New design of a SCARA type robot
HF08 Hexapod Robot

A Six Legged Walking Robot

HF15 Quadruped Robot

A Four Legged Walking Robot
Helium Frog Delta Robot

Make your own parts in plastic. Ongoing development blog
Commuter Car

A design concept for a single seat commuter car. Renderings in Blender and CAD.
Gravitron Video Game

Free Game and source code for a 2D retro shooter

Slot Car Racing

Cars, tracks and electronic developments.
Cutout Animation

Adventures with animation
Racing Simulator

A seat a steering wheel and some wood
Guitar Building

Build Yourself the Axe
 you have always dreamed of!

Bike Building

Bike Building and Mods


Tidy Up (2003)

A stop motion short using a wire armature puppet
Altered Memories (2003)

A 2D digital stop motion short using cartoon and photographic media
Manifold in Space (2005)

A 3D computer animation completed entirely on Blender 3D software
Great Banana Robbery (2008)

A stop motion animation completed using Helium Frog software and Lego