Project Name :- HF Project Directory

Status:-  Declassified as of 12/02/2012

Department:- Helium Frog Robot Development Works - Area 13

Helium Frog Project Directory

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HF01- Cartesian Robot

A simple cartesian "RepStrap" design to test out plain bearings and lead screws. The design was poor and was not better than any current designs. The axis movement was very slow due to the M8 lead screws.

Status: - Completed & Dismantled

HF02 - Delta Robot

A delta robot design made from reprapped parts. The robot was again slow due to the use of M8 lead screws, but proved that a delta robot could be made at home. The firmware was completed and the robot was able to do simple pen plotting.

Status: - Completed & Dismantled

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HF03 - Delta Robot - Belt Driven

A delta robot design based on HF02 but driven by timing belts rather than lead screws.

Status: - Design concept only

HF04 - Delta Cartesian Robot

A part delta, part cartesian design. Should be robust and accurate. By using a rising cantilevered table this design could be wall mounted. There is an additional benefit to this as all 3 motors would be fixed, which reduces inertia and simplifies wiring.

Status: - Design concept only

HF05 - Prusa

 Cartesian Robot

A cartesian robot based on the Reprap Prusa design, but with completely redesigned and remodelled parts. The design is very robust and reliable. All other robots are now printed on this machine.

Status: - Completed and and working

HF06 - SCARA Robot

A classic configuration SCARA robot. The design is only really suitable for pick and place, but with a little work could self replicate.

Status: - Completed

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HF07 - Bevel Gear Prusa

To investigate the possibility of using bevel gears to drive the Z axis. Other work included an off extruder motor concept. This seemed like a lot of work for very little gain.

Status: - Concept only

HF08 - Hexapod Walking Robot

A six legged walking robot. The robot uses a DAGU red black spider controller which is arduino based. It is controlled via PC using a C# host program. The robot currently runs on a tethered wire, but has the facility to accomodate on board batteries and wireless control. The on board firmware accepts G code style commands and walks in any direction and can rotate about its centre. It currently uses a tripod style gait. 

Status: - Complete