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Gravitron (Version  155) 

I completed this game  during December 2006. It is a variation on the Atari classic game called Gravitar. It was completed entirely in Microsoft Visual Basic 6. You can download all the source code plus an executable file using the link on the left. Just unzip the files to a common directory and click Gravitron155.exe to run. Please read the readme file as it gives details of how to design levels for the game.  I would welcome contributions to levels as it currently has only 6. The zip files contain all drawings of each of the current levels to assist you . The drawings are in Autocad format, but you can get free viewers on the net (Google for free .dwg viewer) and most cad systems will take this format nowadays. Please send any comments,  new levels  and source code suggestions to

The levels are designed by writing a text file giving coordinates of the lines etc. It is simple to do and I would encourage anyone to do so. Please feel free to use the source code any way you wish, just keep all modified source freeware. 

I have tested the program  for resolution 800x600, 1024x768 and 1600x1200 and it runs fine. The program detects your resolution and adjusts  itself. In any case you can zoom up and down using the "Q" and "A" keys.

28/01/2006 -  I have now released an updated version of Gravitron which uses API calls to draw the lines window clear routines. I have also removed a bug which was drawing the drones eight times on top of each other and fixed the problem where a clash was not detected with a horizontal line. The program is now approximately 76% faster so is now capable of running on slower machines with no problem.