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Manifold in Space (2005)

Here are some stills from a ongoing project which goes under the working title of "Manifold in Space". The basic idea is about the adventures of a maintenance robot called Manifold who works on a space ship called the "O.K. Supreme".  A clip of the movie is shown below.

The video shows Manifold emerging from his recharge pod ready for an adventure. The short trial I have completed so far has required me to complete large sections of the ship internals, walkways and doors etc. I am now in search of a good quick storyline in order that I complete the work. The film is produced entirely in Blender 3D software. I intend this film to be silent but maybe with a music soundtrack added.

Above is a view of the O.K. Supreme. It is a deep space "radio listening" ship or some such thing. It caused quite a stir when I put this screenshot on the Blender forum, with only one or two complaints from our European neighbours! In order to pacify any further comments I produced a variation of the design for our peace loving friends.

I'm trying to expand the cast of characters at the moment, and I have developed "Flux" the welding robot. He is a little "spaced out" having breathed in too many welding fumes!

I have tried to keep the characters quite simple in construction. You will notice there are no flexible surfaces on any parts of the characters. It enables quicker rendering and ease of animation.  One final image from the animated short shows Manifold in the passages which make up the internals of the ship.