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CAD Models

Feel free to download any model you wish and make changes to contribute to the development of the design. It is important to note that this is a live document and parts are liable to change as the robot is further developed. These are the latest models available.

These files are released under the GNU General Public licence.

To Download the file use right mouse button on the image "Save Link as"

Rapid Prototype Parts

Rapid0001_01.stl   Rear Carriage - 3 off Required

Rapid0002_01.stl   Front Carriage - 3 off Required

Rapid0003_02.stl   Tooling Platform - 1 off Required

Rapid0004_01.stl   Lower Motor Mount - 3 off Required

Rapid0005_01.stl   Upper Bearing Mount - 3 off Required

Rapid0006_01.stl   Connecting Block - 12 off Required

Rapid0007_01.stl   Centre Brace Support - 3 off Required

Rapid0008_01.stl Centre Tooling Bracket

Bought Off Finished Parts

BOFIN0001_01.stl   Rose Joint - Female M8

BOFIN0002_01.stl   Stepper Motor SY42STH47-1684B

BOFIN0608_01.stl   608 Bearing

Other Useful Models   A set of fastenings M6 to M10   Complete Assembly as a single .stl model