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Commuter Car Design

I have completed several concepts for a single seat commuter car over the years. I do not intend to make this car, but I was interested if it was feasible.  

I have completed basic designs on both SDRC Ideas and Catia V5 and rendered the work using Blender 3D software

Above is a view of the car next to a Ford Ka. It shows how small the car could be. I developed the engine bay to take an engine from a Yamaha R1 mated to a Ford Sierra differential.  The basic suspension design geometry is from a "Locost Seven" design commonly used in the kit car industry.

Shown above is another body style completed in SDRC Ideas software. I like this shape a lot more. It also suggests the feasibility of  flip top to enable entry to the vehicle. The hinge would be placed far forward so the top lifts clear and forward complete with the front windscreen .The high sides of the main body would improve tortional rigidity of such a narrow structure.


Detailed above is an earlier work showing a more simple body structure. The flat side would make the manufacture of a bodyshell without moulds feasible.  You can also see here outlines of the Yamaha engine and Sierra differential.