Hello I am Martin Price. The Helium Frog website was established in 2013 to record my many projects and ideas. I am not sure if any of this will be of interest, but the main function of the site is for my own personal record. This way when I get too old to remember it all I can reread what I spent my life doing! I don't really use social media as I am generally not interested in what strangers had for lunch or if a cat can play a piano! I do however use many forums as I find these a great source of information and enable me to share my ideas with others of a like mind.

I am not really into making lots of money off the things I invent as I have a pretty comfortable life here in the UK and a full time job. One idea has however grown into a small business (Magnetic Racing)which maybe in the future will be something I can do full time.

Most of the other projects here are however released as open source so if you find anything of value feel free to use it and contribute to the development as best you can. It would be nice if you mentioned me in any derived work, but of course that is up to you.

I am a qualified Engineer who graduated from Brunel University in 1987 and also have a full technical apprenticeship. After University I worked in the machine tool industry designing conveyors and robot cells.  I have also spent time as a Quality Engineer and then a Production Engineer working all over the UK. I am currently employed as an Automotive Engine Designer working in London UK for a large motor company. I live in the week in East London, but commute back to Bedfordshire to my home at weekends. Being an Engineer probably explains why I am technically competent, think in straight lines, have little artistic talent and have really poor english and spelling!

The Helium Frog Mascot is called "Manifold" and is from a short computer animation I did many years ago.

Over the years there have been two project that I am most proud of.

Firstly the Helium Frog Animation Software. I always had an interest in stop motion animation and was inspired like many others by the work or Ray HarryHausen. It started as a personal project, but I soon realised there was no free stop motion software available of any worth. It took about two years to write working most nights. It is now used worldwide in schools to teach film techniques. This is manily because it is free. The program is quite old now and I am begining a rewrite in C# to enable it to be used on more modern operating systems.

Secondly is the Helium Frog Delta Robot. This was the first delta robot in the world athat could be 3D printed at home. It was primitive and incapable of self replicating, but did inspire the large industry of desktop delta robots worldwide. There are many companies selling these robots which were derived from my first effort. These have been much improved and in fact I now own one of these derived designs myself which I use regularly. Of a similar nature was the SCARA robot I made, but this has been less well adopted.

There are many other projects in various stages of completion. This is due to having to live, work and commute long distances. Many projects have no end, particularly those such as renovating old Volkswagens. With projects like these it is an endless journey of renovation to keep them going. Other projects are quickly overtaken by the efforts of the worldwide community and so have been shelved half way through. I am just happy to learn new things as I go along.... which is what I enjoy most of all.

If anything is of interest and you want to know more, please do not hesitate to contact me.