This portion of the website will now be devoted to any radio control projects I get involved with. There is currently a chance that I may get involved with quadcopters and also some RC cars, so here will be the place to share my work.
I am still keen to contribute to a 3D printed RC car and in order to progress this I have invested in an RC car. It has LiPo batteries and a brushless motor so will be an ideal donor for experiments. I am not really into RC cars, but I am interested in their construction.

Of course the body shape is all wrong and so I have purchased a lexan beetle bodyshell to give it more style! The actual plan for this is twofold. Firstly as I have mentioned I want to develop a 2WD 3D printed car, but also I have found these designs of an RC car by Danny Huynh. They are incredible and very detailed. Even the turbos spin and the drivers move. Absolutely wonderfull.

This comes onto my second idea. I may try to set up my RC car to be like a 4 wheel version of the above car, but add in cycle wings over the tyres (Probably 3D Printed). I could also put in a 1/10 flat 4 engine to cover over the motor. I could paint the lexan body on the outside to make it matt in colour and use this as a trial for the real thing. Its much cheaper than doing it to my full scale baja and if I like the way it looks, who knows I might do the real thing. After all I have a Baja bug, a beam extender and a welder.
Something like this.

During my holiday in Wales we visited Pendine Sands. This was home to many world speed records in the 1920's. It seemed only fitting that we test the RC car out to see if any records could be broken! Unfortunately The MOD had sectioned off an area of the beach as they were conducting test firings. There was a warning sign saying there could be unexploded shells on the beach. Fortunately the car remained intact. We were astounded at the speed it was able to do and appeared faster in real life than on the video below (As is the case with real motorsport). Most of the time I was on half throttle so I could steer on the sand and also a strong wind meant that sometimes the car tried to flip. this was also the reason for the bad sound quality! All in all a great fun day and even the dog enjoyed it! I was concerned that sand and salt water may be really bad for the internals, but as it is waterproof I washed the whole car out in the shower when I got home. It seems fine so far.