Development of Helium Frog 3.0
10/12/2012 Refining the source selector
Before integrating the DSLR routines I thought I should get the current webcam routines working much better. The software now enables you to switch between webcams at will and also enables selecting resolutions from a drop down list. The pin properties box is hidden from the user which has been a major headache. A lot of users set the camera streaming rate thinking this is the animation rate. Setting this too high can crash the program. I will hide this from the user wherever possible. Its been quite tough sorting all this out, but it has been useful. I now understand DirectX reasonably well and have a better understanding of how to interface with it. I now want to spend a few more nights moving the routines into their own class structure. This way I can "Black Box" them and forget how they work. I will try to do the same with the DSLR routines and incorporate those soon.

Progress Latest
After several years without any significant development, the Helium Frog Animator is recieveing some attention. A complete rewrite of the software has begun in C# and is to include Canon DSLR support. I have recieved some help from Alexandre Noyer a french animator and C programmer. He kindly donated his knowledge of how to get Canon DSLR cameras streaming to pictureboxes and seem keen to help with other work.

I am progressing nicely and I hope to be able to keep all the frames separate on disk and still have quite rapid playback. This will be much easier than manipulating a motion jpeg in real time as version 2.06 does. As there will be many more features in this version, the button box is just too small. It will now be a "Flip Box" where the buttons change between live and playback mode. I have already got this working well.

As this software will be close to professional software it will be closed source and not free. I intend to undercut all the competition by only charging a few pound for it though, so it will be pocket money / App prices but fully featured. It is already at a stage where it could be used as a frame capture software and I am working hard to get the DSLR camera support integrated. Once this is done, I will concentrate on refining the onionskin routines and maybe work on a simple thumbnail editor.