Great Banana Robbery

Clone of Superman

Space Rocket 358 1973

Skateboard Tricks


Frogs Legs

Roly Poly Bumblebee

Crime Stories

Piano   (Recommended)


The Helium Frog Animator Example Videos

All of the following animations were completed using Helium Frog software.

The Great Banana Robbery - December 2008  

Here is a simple example of what can be achieved with very little equipment. This was completed in about 2 hours, including set build, animating and editing.

The image below shows the setup used. 

 Animation Details
Frame Rate:
Camera and Resolution:
Editing Software:
Output Setting:
Output Resolution:
Final Frame Rate:
File size:
Running Time:
15 (On Twos, two identical frames per puppet move)
Logitech QC 9000 at 1600 x 1200
Single 12v Halogen table lamp
Windows Movie Maker
Video for Broadband (512 kbs)
320 x 240
1848 KB
0 min  55 sec

Lego the Clone of Superman - January 2009

This video was completed by Ben Fong on Helium Frog.
 Check out more of his work on youtube [LegoBen101]

"Lego Space Rocket 358 1973" - February 2009
Completed by Scott and Elliot from Northern Ireland

Skateboard Tricks - June 2009
Another Great MADABOUTLEGO Production

"Buy-Mart" by Dusty Finstrom of VN Animation  - August 2009

Frogs Legs by Emma Execute - February 2010

Roly-Poly Bumblebee by Tina Lütjen - February 2010

Crime Stories by David Boddy - July 2010

Piano by Emma Graham - October 2010

Dawn by Chimichanga Films - May 2012