Getting Helium Frog to work with windows 10

Helium Frog is written in Visual Basic 6 and is quite old now. Since windows 10 Microsoft seem to have removed a few files that make it work. You may find you are OK (Particularly if you have upgraded) , but if you have done a fresh install it may not work at all.

There is a work around which will get you going.  Thanks Charlie Lee for the help. The link below is the original post. If anyone can tell me exactly which dependants are missing please fee free to contact me so we can make the fix a little easier to work with.

You are probably wondering what's going on with the software. A new version is in the pipeline and hopefully Helium Frog Version 3.0 should be released in the next few months. Initially the software will be a simple frame grabber with onion skinning. It won't have all the features of the original, but will work much more reliably and work with windows 10. Many animators don't use the features such as rotoscoping and chroma keying so I may leave these out all together. It will be quite different from the original with a new interface. Keep an eye out on this site as I will post up my work as soon as I have something worth sharing.

Happy Animating

Martin Price
December 2015