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The Helium Frog Version 2.06 - User Guide

1) Quick Start Guide                 The basics of camera setup and animating.

2) The Settings Window            Hotkeys, Begin a new animation, output separate frames etc.

3) The Editor Window                How to cut, delete and paste frames in your animation.

4) The Exposure Sheet             How to use the X sheet for timing and Lip Syncing.

5) Rotoscoping                          How to use another video clip to assist you with timing / lip sync.

6) Chroma Keying                     How to use a picture for your background.

7) Time Lapse Mode                 How to automatically trigger capturing at set intervals in time.

8) Utilities Window                    How to extract frames and compile animations from frames.

9) Camera Macros                    Take control of Digital Cameras via their control software.